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Search Engine Optimization Services for Tampa Bay Area Businesses and Beyond. We focus on quality content and the Google Webmaster Guidelines to help your site shine for the long term.

According to Yelp 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses to buy products or services from. It is also true that 91.5% of people searching in Google will not navigate past the first page of search results This means that if you are showing up in the 11th spot or lower you are missing out on literally nearly all traffic that could have resulted in a sale, lead, referral or potential business partner.

Some small businesses have taken the time to setup a website but they have not taken into account that the website itself should be about 25% of the focus and the other 75% of the resources should be spent on driving traffic to that site so that it can be a valuable sales tool and active team member for your business.

If you have a website that gets no traffic on its own you are missing out on what could be your most valuable asset to your company. We can help boost your authority and build a brand so that you will be more likely to be found for these valuable searches being done every second by potential clients. Depending on industry you are in this could result in lost revenue in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Some people question weather they can afford to invest in marketing efforts and SEO best practices but really can you afford not to? That is the better question.

Contact us today for a FREE initial consultation and we’ll get you on a path to your website living up to its full potential and becoming the hard working asset it was always meant to be.

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